Something I did in my spare time

“Don’t call me Backspace!” Delete yelled.

Buzz laughed up a storm, “Oh boy, looks like we got a second Nezzie on our hands!” he said, and somewhere somehow, Inez was screaming, “Don’t call me Nezzie!” 

“I mean it Buzz, stop calling me Backspace!” Delete demanded,
“Or what? You’ll stab me?”
“No but it sure sounds like a good idea!”

“Quiet you duncebuckets!” Hacker’s voice boomed, Buzz and Delete flinched, “Sorry boss.” they said in unison. “Now, maybe I can think of a plan without you two idiotic tin cans interrupting me.” The green cyborg mumbled to himself and sat back in his recharge chair to think of another plan to take over Cyberspace. Delete shot his gaze back to Buzz, “I’m warning you Buzz, you call me Backspace one more ti-” he was cut off by Buzz who said, “Gee, sorry, Backspace.” not really a good move on his part, considering that Delete grabbed the box of donuts from in front of him and started throwing said donuts at his short friend.

Delete threw a doughnut, “I told you-” he threw another, “not-” and another, “to-” then another, “call-” yet another, “me-” another doughnut has been thrown, “Backspace!” Buzz did his best to try and block the donuts being thrown at him, though all attempts proved futile after every single doughnut hit him, “H-Hey! Jeez DeeDee calm down!” Buzz exclaimed, Delete ignored him and continued throwing donuts, that is until one of those donuts hit Hacker straight in the face. The two robots stared at their boss with wide-eyed worried looks, Hacker wasn’t at all pleased, (then again whenever is he pleased?) he slowly rose from his chair and wiped away the frosting the doughnut left behind, he then turned to his bumbling henchmen, “Buzz, Delete..” he said, disturbingly calm, “Y-Yeah boss?” Buzz asked.

“Would you two be so kind as to,” Hacker said calmly, “STOP YOUR FIGHTING AND CLEAN THIS MESS!” he finally shouted, the two bots yelped in surprise “Y-Yes boss!” the two bots stuttered and ran to get cleaning before Hacker yelled at them again.


Welcome to the trash bin

Hello and welcome fellow humans to The Trash Bin™! This is where I post my crappy stories and stuff, so if you want your eyeballs to bleed, be my guest!